The history of caveclan starts in 2003, when a group of 3 persons (from which 2 of them are still active as urbexers), explore the Maginot line in Northern France during a trip of 3 days. Before this, they did several camping trips with a tent in the woods of the Ardennes but they were a bit bored and searched something more exciting.

From that year on, more and more friends came with them, year after year. Sometimes even several times a year. Every time the goal was to explore as many fortifications as possible in the region of Thionville and Metz. In the beginning only the military remains of the second WW, later on also the ones of WW1 were visited. It was a lot of hard work finding these locations. Searching for 3 to 4 hours in the woods to find a closed entrance was no exception. Only some topographical maps with military domains on it were used but no exact locations of entrances or further details were known.

Later on, the internet became a more and more helpful medium with constantly expanding history sites, mostly from French hobby historians. Nowadays, CC uses more modern stuff to explore these fortifications. A Garmin GPS with the entrances and a digital version of all the topographic maps of the region on it, climbing gear and strong flashlights became basic equipment. Since 2 years, also cameras became part of the equipment. On one of the last trips (beginning of 2010), urban exploration became subject of conversation and it seemed immediately that a lot of persons had interest in this kind of exploring. From that weekend on, CC not only explored fortifications in France but also all kind of urbex-locations in Belgium. Some members even became addicted to it. Contrary to other urbexers, the interest was mainly focused on locations, never on photos or videos.

At present most members also bought some more sophisticated cameras and even start to edit photos. On this moment CC is with a group of 5 people who regularly explore all kind of urbex locations and 10 people who still go to France at least once a year.